Monday, July 16, 2012

Back from the Dead

Well, after a couple of years I'm back to this. Been giving a lot of spankings, floggings, whippings. Laid lots of hot wax on women's boobs, pussys - well all over - and scraped it off with a very soft knife. Clamps, suction cups on nipples. Hard pussy whippings and on and on and on. But that side is not what this is all 

The fact is having a woman "Top" me makes me a better Dom/Master, no doubt about it. But further having a woman discipline me makes me even better. And THERE IS A DIFFERENCE. 

Happened a while back. 
May not look like much but it DID hurt.
She used the whip too.
The burn in the hot shower lasted for a couple of days.
The big difference is the atmosphere, energy. Some might call this "sternness". I call it decisiveness. And that's part of it but it also the energy and being to effectually say "I'm in charge and you are going to get what you deserve and I'M GOING TO DECIDE. AND THAT'S IT MISTER. 

It's one thing to have a woman with skill put fire in your back, butt, with floggers, whips and the like to find out how they feel to your subs but quite another to have her exert authority and be the dominant in respects besides the inflicting of pain and the like. DECUSUVEBESS

Well I've found her and hope to talk, and let you see, some of our encounters. AND there is another I'd like to experience but so far have talked to only online. Hope to meet her some day.

Really like some comment on this and all the other things here. From women especially, Tops, bottoms, Dommes, subs -- all of you.  

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Discipline in Traverse City

What a night last night. Wow. And I'm sore this morning. And I threw the whip a bit last night too but this blog is not about my Dom side (about 95% of my kink life as it is).

I drove 16 hours, 600 miles, through some of the most desolate country in the U.S. , in the middle of the night, to get here. Ruth and I have been online friends for years, and planned to meet several times, but it never happened. I decided now was the time. Anyway, after hitting a deer between Escanabe and St Ingace MI at 2:00am, I arrived. And the trip was worth it and it isn't over.

I arrived and Ruth came to the motel and immediately decided to use a type of birch I made for her with several small rattan strands. OUCH!!!!!!! The tips cut into my bottom and GOD DID IT HURT, right to the unbearable edge. Lying there in submission was a form of ecstasy I don't get often. There is a feeling of helplessness that I need to have from time to time. Not just little hits from a stern woman but her really laying it on. If was just the beginning. There was more to come.

Ruth had arranged for two of her young charges to "view" my discipline. It's been a fantasy of mine to be stripped and disciplined in front of one, or several, women other than my disciplinarian. Hadn't happened yet. Last night it did. OH GOD!!!!!!! It is a special form of submission to be disciplined in front of other women, for me. There is an embarrassment, humiliation that happens. I don't need it, or want it, all the time but having it happen, while maybe somewhat unpleasant in a way, is a form of fulfillment.

We went to Ruth's nicely heated office/lab/discipline room. Ruth stripped my jeans and undershorts off in front of the two young women. And bent me over her spanking bench. And I laid and wated, with nothing in my head like I do when I'm in charge of a "scene". I'm now waiting for the pain. And here I am bare in front of these women waiting for them to punish me. I know it will hurt but I need this.

The Ruth comes with a small cup and pulls me up. She tells me I've used some naughty language and need this. Turns out it's a cup of very soapy water. She makes me rinse with it and the spit it out into the cup. Yuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!!!!!!!!!!! The taste stays for hours.

I'm pushed back over the spanking stool and I wait some more. Then one of the young woman picks up an paddle or something (I can't tell what it is) and starts. I'm told later I'm the first guy she has spanked, but OH GOD she's good at it. I get hit again and again and again. She brings me to that "almost unbearable" pain threshold. Could have done it harder I suppose bit it HURT. I don't make much noise, no one had brought me to tears yet (key word is yet) but I gasp and "tighten up", wince and the like.

Then Ruth takes over. Then I get it. Paddled right near the limit. I gasp and gasp. (It was hard but she told me she was saving me some for tonight. OH GOD. Tonight.) Then she picks up one of my straps and lays it on. And again, right near the "limit" (I should say I really don't have a "limit". I guess what I'm talking about is when you get to the point where you don't know how you can take more??? Is that the point of "sub space"???) You can see the results in the picture.

Must be said here, I don't get all that red and it doesn't last long on my butt. But if I get it on the thighs I really bruise and mark. Maybe all those years in the bicycle saddle? Maybe I'll talk more about that later.

And now for tonight???? I'll just have to wait. Till then I have a soreness in my bottom to remind me. When I sit, when the hot water hits my bottom in the shower. It stings. Not unbearable, but a reminder. Maybe tomorrow morning it will be near unbearable??? Guess time will tell. I wait in anticipation. What does she have in store for me?

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Dutch Treat
It's been a year and a half so it's about time to update. Finding a woman to give you a lickin when you've been a naughty boy is still a problem. This isn't the only spanking I've had between posts but I've been a lazy boy and haven't added the others, as few as they are. (I should be spanked just for that)

Dutch, a woman in the MInneapolis "scene", decided I needed one -- I guess. She put me over the hassock in the living room and used a small, wide, leather paddle on my bare bottom. AND IT HURT Not unbearable pain, but hurt just the same. Next time I'll probably get paddled and I will really squirm. Dutch went easy on me last night. I probably got 40 or so on each cheek. I also got lectured. I deserved it -- probably more.

Like I said, next time I'll probably get padded. Now that likely will get to be unbearable and last for a long time. As it is I can feel it as I sit now. And you can still see the remnants on my bottom now, a whole day after. But if she uses the paddle on me the next time, like I probably deserve, I'll be REAL sore -- for days. Like when you shower and it burns when the hot water hits your bottom.

Well, we'll se what happens the next time.

Friday, February 8, 2008

Fayth on Fire / Me on Fire

I just added a link to a site ( hosted by my friend, and other things (you guess). My problem is she's 1500 miles away. So many problems so few answers.

Fayth calls herself a "fetish model". She's my little imp (don't get the dictionary out it means mischievous or naughty one). Strange because the picture next to this is the aftermath of my first spanking by her. Looks like I'm the naughty one. I'll write more about that at an other time. It HURT!!!

In the mean time visit here site and buy something from her if your interests are along that line.

Getting a Paddling -- Some Thoughts (2)

Here's the picture to go with yesterday's post. A stout ping pong paddle I've had for years. Painted several times still with its knobed rubber covering. There is some debate has to how the covering effects the usefulness for punishment. Suffice it to say it HURTS!!!! In fact it was what was used on me in the picture on yesterday's post.

But there is more to getting disciplined, getting punished for something, than receiving the actual pain. The humiliation and embarrassment is a really big part. Anticipation is another. When I was (or am -- Topping isn't in the past tense) plotting out a discipline session the hardest part is working out the humiliation and embarrassment part. Second hardest the anticipation. (I think the top of the anticipation food change is "Room Detention", write about it some time.)

It's really easy to say "Naughty slut .. never do that again ... you've been a bad girl .. naughty naughty .. never do that again" and on and on ad infinitum. Creating something effective and realistic is so important. Now granted there's some fantasy in all the scenes we do. But I've never been able to swallow the grossest fantasy components of the scene. (Such as "Sir Jim, Lord Jim of the Manor, God Jim and the like) Or a lot of the costuming for that matter. If this is to be a discipline session, someone being disciplined for some action, then it should be at least based on a possible real life situation. There's the rub. You have to fit what you do in your "scene" to real life not the other way around. Coming up with effective dialog, that isn't the same old, same old, is really tough. No script just living the scene so you can speak the scene. (You don't know how much I don't like the word "scene" to describe what we do but haven't been able to find a better word.)

It's just another way of saying it takes some creative work to make things realistic. That's why I like the concept of Domestic Discipline so much. It is the real thing. There's no "scene" as such, it just happens.

Anyway, end of rant on how it's so tough to make humiliation real. Enough is enough. More next time.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Getting a Paddling -- Some Thoughts

First to get some things cleared up. I'm not the best at expressing "feelings" in print. There are some things I could write forever on but "feelings" isn't one of them. Just not my style. But since I have this blog and it looks pretty stupid to let it sit here with a couple of entries that go back weeks (who would come back to it) that I've been contemplating spanking and, I guess, my favoriet insterment the paddle.

I've given a lot more paddlings that I've gotten, LOTS more. I always "knew" that they could cause intense pain without leaving too much visible damage. Bit I didn't "know" it, if that makes any sense. I've attached a picture of the aftermath of a paddling I got a few months ago. That one HURT like hell getting it and I felt it long after the red and purple disappeared.

But the thing about a paddling is the intense pain you can get (15 to 20 on each cheek for me). Getting scolded, paddled until you can't standit, a pause (with scolding and lecturing) and then more paddling and a pause and more paddling and a pause ...... The AGONY.

I'll write more later but one thought. I bicycle a lot. Sometimes week long rides of 500 miles or more. Last summer, after one of my all too infrequent discipline sessions, I was on a ride. The red and purple had disappeared from my bottom but as the sweat built up under my Licra biking shorts I could feel a burn in my butt. I reminder of my paddling of about a week before. WHAT A FEELING.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

The Dreath of Dommes/Domminent Women

Since I've become interested in the subservient role I've discovered there aren't that many openly dominant women. The key work being openly.

I've come to discover that many women do have that dominant side, they just have to be talked into trying it. At least that's how it appears to me. The sub women I've talked to, and successfully broached the idea, have been so far away, for the most part, that actual meeting hasn't happened. I never had trouble finding local sub women to discipline but not dominant ones. (There are some mostly interested in the torture side of things)

Would be interested in talking to women about this.

What are your thoughts?