Monday, July 16, 2012

Back from the Dead

Well, after a couple of years I'm back to this. Been giving a lot of spankings, floggings, whippings. Laid lots of hot wax on women's boobs, pussys - well all over - and scraped it off with a very soft knife. Clamps, suction cups on nipples. Hard pussy whippings and on and on and on. But that side is not what this is all 

The fact is having a woman "Top" me makes me a better Dom/Master, no doubt about it. But further having a woman discipline me makes me even better. And THERE IS A DIFFERENCE. 

Happened a while back. 
May not look like much but it DID hurt.
She used the whip too.
The burn in the hot shower lasted for a couple of days.
The big difference is the atmosphere, energy. Some might call this "sternness". I call it decisiveness. And that's part of it but it also the energy and being to effectually say "I'm in charge and you are going to get what you deserve and I'M GOING TO DECIDE. AND THAT'S IT MISTER. 

It's one thing to have a woman with skill put fire in your back, butt, with floggers, whips and the like to find out how they feel to your subs but quite another to have her exert authority and be the dominant in respects besides the inflicting of pain and the like. DECUSUVEBESS

Well I've found her and hope to talk, and let you see, some of our encounters. AND there is another I'd like to experience but so far have talked to only online. Hope to meet her some day.

Really like some comment on this and all the other things here. From women especially, Tops, bottoms, Dommes, subs -- all of you.  

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